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Household Planner Update – 07-08/2012

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Planner Updates


Are you knee-deep in planning for the new school year?

Maybe you’re way ahead of me and already have it finished!

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting new forms prepped. I have four in high school this year, two in junior high, and two in elementary grades. Last year, we had our best year of homeschooling yet and that was due in large part to the organization behind our schedule and record-keeping. This year I have tweaked it just a bit more and think we are in for an even better year! Having a plan and method behind the plan really frees us up for individuality and flexibility in our homeschooling and I LOVE that! In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting together some more details about the "HOW" behind our record-keeping… as I begin building our teacher and student homeschool planners.



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This is my update for July & August … it is huge!

I will be adding some additional pages as I find need for more and as you all leave your comments for what else you’d like to see!

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Forms for Student Planner:
Attendance Log
Attendance Log by Subject
Calendars: Yearly, Monthly, At-a-Glance
Cover Pages & Spines
Divider Pages
Daily Assignment & Grade Logs (7 forms)
Record Sheet for Activities, Goals, Projects, etc.
Weekly Assignment Sheet (4 forms)

Forms for Mom and/or Student Planner:
Contact Information (for activities, groups, etc.)
Curriculum Comparison Chart
High School Course Information
High School Resource List
High School Transcript
Homeschool Resource List
Homeschool Resource List (to buy – 2 forms)
Read Aloud List
Reading List
Reading List (per course)
Report Card (3 forms)
Schedule (5 minute increments, mulitple family members – 10 forms)
Website List
Website Password List
Writing Ideas Brainstorm Page

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