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Household Maintenance Planner Forms

Household / Home Maintenance Planner

Household / Home Maintenance Planner

Available in all themes, the household maintenance planner pages allow you to plan your household or “homemaking” tasks in a variety of ways … daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

  • Cath Owens says:

    I love the monthly meal planning which I have been using since March time. It has helped me to simplify our meal plnning. i would be really blessed if there was also a weekly meal planning sheet which I could transfer the info too which could sit at the front of my journal with the weekly glance. It would be great to have sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner (main side dessert). Thank you for all your efforts.


  • Kimberlee Gann says:

    Thank you Thank you thank you! I love this idea! I have used a lot of personal organizers over the past 20 years and to be able to plan my own, it’s just awesome! I can even use the planning the year (no dates) for a perpetual calendar to remember all our relatives birthdays better!
    Thanks again!

  • Anji Kauffman says:

    You’re amazing!! THANK YOU for making editable pages!! I LOVE it! I’m a MUCH faster typist than writer.

    ONE, hopefully small, request……… you think you could make a school planner with your adorable graphics?? I’m one of those Charlotte Mason educators :o) and I need AT LEAST 15 spots for subjects. I can never find a planner with that many spaces for school subjects. Just a request mind you!! I know you’re a busy gal!

    Thanks for using your God-given talent~

  • Amy Peterson says:

    Thank You!! I love having the option of editing the forms. This allows the forms to be used for SO many other uses also!! Thank you for all your hard work. My household notebook has never looked so pretty.

  • Barbara McCoy says:

    I am almost done with my 2011 calendar/organizer and I decided to keep my recipes and meal plans in a separate binder. I would love to have some spine labels for my Meal Planning/Recipe Binder. :)

    Thanks for all your hard work and so many great ideas all in one place.

  • Lisa Chris says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! My binder just keeps getting better and better! I’ve never been so organized and it is such a blessing!

    Just an idea here – I’ve made a separate binder for our household finances and I don’t keep our account balance in a regular checkbook register, I just use a plain lined notebook. Perhaps an update sometime could be a register-type sheet with spots for date/check #/whom paid/deposit/withdrawal/account balance. Just like a regular checkbook register – only more stylish!!

    Again, thank you so much!

  • Cori Randolph says:

    We keep one calendar in one place so everyone can see what they need to do for that given day……I would love to see the calendars have larger grid boxes in order to fit the chores and the activities.

  • Rose Malcolm says:

    I love these, I am hoping to put together a binder of my recipes that i have scattered everywhere!! Although it will not happen until May when this semester is over for me. College mom while home educating.

  • When I saw the update for the recipe notebook spines…I was thrilled. Thanks so much for listening to my suggestion and for making these available. My recipe binder is now very happy.

  • Meredith Lorenz says:

    I love the recipe notebook pages. Thanks so much!! I would love to see some pages to write recipes on so we can add them to the beautiful pages you created.

  • Tracy Kreps says:

    The new Meal & Recipes is WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!

    I was wondering if you could provide notebooking paper with the same decor. I would love to write my recipes on paper that matches my notebook.

    Tracy Kreps

  • Kathy Geoghegan says:

    I cant wait to get this notebook put together! I am so excited. I just quit my job and will be a stay at home
    mom/grandma and need to be organized in every way.
    thank you so much for all the great ideas!

  • CarolynWhite says:

    Don’t worry about taking a break with that new baby! I know what it’s like to have a baby in the house after 10 years! My kids are 19, 9 and 3! I love your pages and they have added some sanity to my life as a farmer’s wife and mommy. I saw a question posted on one of the other links – did you ever work out any 5 x 7 pages?

    Take it easy and rest when you can…

    • MomsToolBelt says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you! As of right now, I have not figured out a way to easily do the 5×7 pages. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m listening. :)

  • AmandaHarrison says:


    What a wonderful site! I would love to have a meal planning page with larger squares to write in.


  • Jennifer says:

    A weekly meal planner including a section for snack planning would be a huge help.

  • Linda Hansen says:

    Hi Debra,
    Thank you so much for all your lovely creations. They are beautiful. I’ll bet that sweet new baby boy of yours is getting big. Congratulations. I love your work. Thank you, again. Linda

  • Denise AnnAtherton says:

    I love these pages! I have been wanting to put a recipe book together for a long time and now I will do just that. I, too, wish there were pages to type in recipes for all the categories. I also wish there were a place on the site to share recipes. I love all the categories and would like to have a few recipes behind each one. Some of them are so unique I wouldn’t have thought to make a divider page for them.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m so glad I signed up =)

  • Denise says:

    Could you create pages that go with the recipe notebook cover pages that we could type recipes on.
    I want my daughter to create her own recipe binder for school.


  • Heather says:

    I am so glad that I bought a membership! I love and use your planning pages daily! As my husband and I are preparing for our third child this summer I was wondering if you could make a nursing log? I would truly appreciate it. -Heather

  • Janel Cooper says:

    I love the new recipe cards. It would be great to have divider cards too.

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