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Holiday Planner Budget Page

Holiday Planner Budget Pages   

My husband and I will be going out this weekend for our annual Christmas shopping date weekend …"annual" meaning a new tradition we started last year and hope to continue!

As you can imagine, shopping for ten children is no small feat. Is one weekend enough? Truth be told, most of my shopping will actually be done online, so the answer is … YES!

This weekend is really more about my husband and I getting away with each other for some much needed alone time during what could typically be a very stressful time of year. The weekend will give us time alone to talk (without interruptions), plan and dream about the upcoming year, and of course, take care of some Christmas shopping!

I am looking VERY forward to it. :)

Holiday Planner Budget Page

To help prepare us for the actual shopping aspect of our trip, I have created a Holiday Planner Budget Page. This holiday budget page comes in 2 formats (one that autocalculates and one that does not). Each of these is offered in an editable format so you can add colors, change headings, type in your own information, etc.

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Holiday Planner Budget Pages

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