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Household Planner Update – 08/09/10

The following categories have been updated . . .

Calendar Pages
This update includes themed calendars for all months of the year.  So whether you live a little more to the north or south (or perhaps in a completely different hemisphere!), you should be able to find seasonal calendars that fit your area’s seasonal patterns.

Divider Title Pages
Title pages are now editable – add your own titles!

*New Category: Homeschooling Pages
We’ve added a page for your Favorite Websites & a page for your Library List.

Seasonal Cover Pages & Spines
This update is all about personalizing your journal(s)!  You can now add your own title(s) to the cover pages and spines.  Create as many different types of  journals/notebooks as you like.  There are two pages included for each type of cover page.  The first is for a one-line title and the second for a two-line title. 

To-Do Pages
We missed a title on one of the summer-themed pages.  This has been corrected.