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Household Planner Update – 02/2011

Baby is on the way this month! Our due date is 02-18-2011, so we are now “officially” in the 2-week delivery window. It’s been an exciting month with two false alarms, some partial bedrest, and continual snowy, icy weather conditions making our 30 minute trip to the hospital an adventure of its own — just found out more is on the way!

This month, I’ll be adding our updates to this page as I finish them since I’m unsure about baby’s arrival. So check back when you can! I do plan to take two-three weeks off once he gets here and will try to send out an email to let you know. :)

Please send in any ideas for new pages via our Comment Form located at the bottom of each category page. Specifically this month, I’m working on new Menu Planning / Recipe Notebook Pages and some other Homeschooling Pages. Any other ideas and new pages may be put off until the March update, but please send them in anyway!

The following categories are being updated . . .

Household Pages
This update includes:
NEW Recipe Notebook Cover Page & Spines
NEW Recipe Title Pages

Homeschooling Pages
This update includes:
NEW Books Loaned Out Page