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Household Planner Update – 04/2011

I want to thank all of our members for your patience these past few months. Baby Jordan was born February 15th (11 lb 1 oz) and we’ve been enjoying our time together these past couple of months. It’s been quite a challenge to adjust to a new baby, but SO much fun! He’s an absolute angel. :) It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had a baby in the house. Many things have changed in my life since then . . . many things that influenced the creation of this website LOL! In the coming months you’ll (hopefully) get a peak at my organization strategies for home & school and also get to see some actual photos of my various journals. Time will tell! That is my plan though.

I’m very excited to see what you think of our newest updates. I’ve been working very hard on a new format for our editable files using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I know I’ve been quiet, but it’s been quite a challenge learning this new format. I have to be careful not to break our copyright agreements with the artist, so I’ve been carefully testing this new format to make sure it complies. If you do not have the Microsoft Excel program, you can download a free open source version to use with our files. The link can be found on the pages with the new files. Most of the editable features should work even with the open source version (I’ve been trying to test them). What’s SO awesome about using the spreadsheet format is that you can do all sorts of editing with the fonts PLUS you can SAVE your work!

My time is limited, but I hope to develop a helps section for you to show you the various things you can do within the spreadsheet programs to really make these forms fit your needs. Until then, please drop me a comment/feedback so I know what you think. I have new pages on hold until I see how this new format works for everyone. I’m loving it because it’s SO much easier for ME to create an editable file this way PLUS it gives YOU lots more flexibility and adaptability with your journals. It’s a great win-win situation. I hope you LOVE it!

The following categories have been updated . . .

This update includes:
NEW Editable XLS Routine Pages . . . you can edit the text font/style/color/size, etc. AND type into all the fields, PLUS save the files!

Homeschooling Pages
This update includes:
NEW Editable XLS Daily Assignment & Attendance Pages . . . you can edit the text font/style/color/size, etc. AND type into all the fields, PLUS save the files!