New calendars ready for 2021 and 2022 ... available in your download center!

FREE Charts & Printables

Free Charts & Printables

I have some of my free charts and printables listed here. Some of these were predecessors to our current Mom’s Household Planner. They are very “plain”, but functional and best of all …FREE!

To Do Planner
Weekly Planner

Monthly Calendars:
Calendar 2013 – 2014 (August – July)
Calendar 2014 – 2015 (August – July)

Yearly Calendar:
Yearly Calendar 2013
Yearly Calendar 2014
Yearly Calendar 2015
Yearly Calendar 2016
Yearly Calendar 2017
Yearly Calendar 2018
Yearly Calendar 2019
Yearly Calendar 2020
Yearly Calendar 2021
Yearly Calendar 2022
Yearly Calendar 2023

Labels (use these to print to Avery Labels):
Labels .doc file
They are perfect for file folders or notebook spine labels.
Format your text by highlighting it & using “Format” in the top bar.

Small Cards (business card size):
Small business cards .doc file
These are great cards for scripture memory or prayer cards. You can buy business card sheet protectors and make a great quiet time notebook and place these cards into the sheet protectors for easy reading and storage.

For Home:
Emergency Phone & Info List
Cleaning Zone Detailed Sample

Laundry Directions Chart (for your kids!):
Laundry Chart (pdf)
Laundry Chart (xls)

General Planning & Record Keeping:
These are files I have stored in my own personal folders from various times throughout our homeschooling. They may or may not be useful to you.
Blank Daily Assignment Record
Log Check-off Sheet / Numbered
Time Planning Sheet / Columns No Titles

Assignment Sheet (for small binders):
Print double sided and fold on dotted line